Our Story

About WorkNow! Inc.

WorkNow! Inc. is a staffing agency located in East Tennessee that offers staffing and temporary services for various fields of employment. We have an extensive ability to provide you with qualified personnel from general laborers to the higher echelons of upper management. WorkNow! Inc. has multiple services and avenues to assist you and your organization.

WorkNow! Inc. is a minority owned company that has been operating since 1993. We have adapted to the changes in the staffing industry, and find ways to set ourselves apart from others. We find solutions to what some may consider impossible, and hire staff that will take us to the next level.

With accreditation from the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce and Morristown Chamber of Commerce, WorkNow! is always seeking to continue expansion across the Greater East Tennessee areas, and across the Nation as well. We look forward to the opportunity of servicing your personnel needs!

Our Guarantee

All WorkNow! applicants go through E-Verify, a full background check, drug screening, new hire orientation, policy and procedure training, and each clients specific administrative paperwork is completed by WorkNow! Inc.

Our Mission

The mission of WorkNow! Inc. is to provide reliable and energetic workers who have integrity and the desire to meet the needs of our customers in today’s market.

Our Vision

To be part of the solution for all of our applicants and our clients by matching clients skilled or none-skilled job openings and our applicants skilled or none-skilled qualifications.

Meet Our Team

Raul Rangel


Bill Hipshire


Bob Anderson

Accountant assistant

Shaunta Sheadrick

branch manager

Candy Martinez

hr recruiter

Myra Matthew

front office coordinator